Easy DIY Projects: Corner Bookmarks

Today, I was wondering what topic to choose for my second post on Cristina’s Ideas. I’ve decided to share with you one of the most creative gifts I’ve ever received – DIY Corner Bookmark. It’s probably the easiest DIY project you can make. Even a child can do it by itself. First of all, let me show you the basic steps:

How to Do Corner Bookmarks Tutorial

This is it! After you have already cut, folded and glued your corner bookmark, it’s up to you to customize it. I’ve collected 10 different and unique variants of corner bookmarks. I’m sure everybody can come up with a better idea, if you try hard! Here are my Top 10 Corner Bookmark Ideas:

Paper Panda Corner Bookmark

#10 The Panda Bookmark

Minions Corner Bookmark

#9 The Minion Bookmark

DIY Moustache Bookmark

#8 The Moustache Bookmark

Easy DIY Heart Bookmark

#7 The Heart Bookmark

Monsters Corner Bookmarks Ideas

#6 The Monsters Bookmarks

Fun DIY Corner Bookmarks

#5 The Funny Bookmarks

Cool Rabbit DIY Paper Corner Bookmark

#4 The Rabbit Bookmark

This is Where You Fell Asleep Corner Bookmark

#3 The True Bookmark

Cat Corner Bookmark

#2 The Cat Bookmark

Difficult DIY Corner Bookmark Projects

#1 The Fruits Bookmark

I hope you have enjoyed the post I’ve created for you. You will slightly increase the interest for books of your children, if you make them a cool bookmark. Did you choose your favourite corner bookmark?

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