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10 Amazing Quotes About Animals and Love: Part 2

Have you ever had a pet in your life? If “YES”, then you should know how much love they can give to you and your family. If you have never had a cat or a dog, it’s time to get one! Not only your life will become more interesting and busy, but you will also have a lot more fun on a daily basis. That’s right! Only a quick look at your sleeping cat (in a bizarre position) can make you smile. Continue reading

5 Amazing Quotes About Love: Part 2

St. Valentine’s Day is long gone now, but I can still feel a lot of love in the air. Spring approaches and there are only two more days until the beginning of theĀ astronomical spring on 20 March 2015. This time of the year always makes me feel romantic and positive. Maybe, it’s because of theĀ scent of blossoming trees in the air. I don’t know. Springtime always makes me think about love. So, I have searched in Pinterest using the search quote “quotes about love” and this is what I’ve found: Continue reading