5 Amazing Quotes About Love: Part 2

St. Valentine’s Day is long gone now, but I can still feel a lot of love in the air. Spring approaches and there are only two more days until the beginning of the astronomical spring on 20 March 2015. This time of the year always makes me feel romantic and positive. Maybe, it’s because of the scent of blossoming trees in the air. I don’t know. Springtime always makes me think about love. So, I have searched in Pinterest using the search quote “quotes about love” and this is what I’ve found: Continue reading


5 Things You Should Never Tell Your Boss

There are so many people who speak and speak and speak without thinking about the consequences of their words. Sometimes, the person you are talking to is really listening! So, if this guy is your boss, better be careful what he is hearing. Certain sentences and phrases are just forbidden! You should never say them, in order to keep your job. Why cutting off your way of successful career?! Instead, read this article and think about the pieces of advice I’m giving you!

Funny Office Timetable

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The 10 Weirdest Phobias – Some People are Crazy!

We all have fears. It’s something normal, but some people are afraid of things like walking, sitting, gravity, books and even vegetables…I will try to select the most scandalous and ironic ones here and provide a little bit information about these phobias. So, let’s start with something very hard to believe people can be afraid of:

Number 1: Octophobia – I know what you are thinking. But, no! Octophobia is not being afraid of octopus! It’s dreading the number 8…

DIY Octopus From Wiener Continue reading