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10 Amazing Quotes About Animals and Love

Whoever had a pet once knows how strong the love between you and your pet can be. A cat, a dog, a hamster. It doesn’t matter the animal. Sooner or later you bond with it and can’t imagine the world without your furry friend. Continue reading

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5 Amazing Quotes About Love: Part 3

Wow! My last post was published in March 18, 2015…I know some of you might have missed my posts, so I think it’s about time to make a new one! I’ve spent last few weeks in one of the most romantic places in Europe – Barcelona. The city is absolutely amazing. Everything there is so beautiful and in order. Continue reading

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5 Amazing Quotes About Love

Tomorrow is the most loveable day of the year. St. Valentine is just a symbol of what love is – sharing and giving. It’s not about the flowers and the expensive gifts bought from fancy shops. This day is to show how two people share and give love to each other. I have found these five amazing thoughts about love on Pinterest. They will make you think about what love is for a while. I hope tomorrow each and everyone of you will spend the time with the one you love! Continue reading