7 Animals You Won’t Believe Really Exist

You think you have seen everything and nothing can shock you. At this very moment, you see an animal like the vampire deer or the panda ant. Have you heart any of them? I bet you haven’t! Anyway, here you will find a short list of some of the weirdest animals on Earth. Only a few people have had the chance to meet these interesting creatures. Probably, you will not be among them. So, at least you can learn something more about them. The first animal is:

Weird Animal #1: Proboscis Monkey

proboscis monkey with big nose

This amazing animal can be found only on the island of Borneo. It can weight up to 30 kg and is one of the largest monkeys in Asia. Usually, proboscis monkeys live in groups, but there are exceptions. More information about the species you can find in National Geographic’s article.

Weird Animal #2: Eastern Long-necked Turtle

long-necked turtle

Eastern Snake-necked Turtle is another name of the kind. Because of the length of its neck it can’t pull its head back in the carapace. The turtle bends its head sideways instead. It inhabits Australia. An interesting fact is the way it defends itself against a threat. Stinky smell is omitted through its musk glands. Just like the skunk does! For more amazing facts check out this Australian article.

Weird Animal #3: Blue Parrotfish

blue parrot fish in the ocean

Blue Parrotfish is the only discovered entirely blue fish in the world. There is one extraordinary fact I was very surprised to read about. It produces sand. Moreover, each year, small islands are formed in the Caribbean. A single blue parrotfish is capable of producing up to 100 grams of sand per year. More interesting things about the species you will find in the article about the Blue Parrot Fish.

Weird Animal #4: Panda Ant

panda ant in human hand

It’s a pity, but at this very moment I am not capable of finding any information about this animal.

Weird Animal #5: Vampire Deer

vampire deer in the forest

Also known as musk deer. Probably, there is no need for me to explain you why they call it “vampire”. You can just take a look at the photo and I believe you will understand. It’s a relatively small kind of deer. It can weight up to 20 kg. More facts about it you will find in the material gathered by FOX.

Weird Animal #6: Saiga Antelope

saiga antelope with its cub

To me it looks a lot like Star Wars’s character Jar Jar Binks. Maybe, George Lucas saw this strange animal on Animal planet and invented Jar Jar. Anyway, this endangered species can be found only in Russia.It can weight up to 65 kg and lives about 10 years. WWF will tell you more about it, if you are interested.

THE WEIRDEST ANIMAL #7: Sheepshead Fish

Sheepshead Fish WIth Humanlike Teeth

This will be my “No comment” part…………………….

I hope you’ve learned something new about our planet. Remember, there is always something you don’t know!


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