Do Your Friend Really Care about You? (4 Questions to Find Out)

People are getting more selfish and more purposeful every year. It’s all about money and possessions. Of course money is important, but there are some things we should all appreciate more than it. Friendship. Love. Respect. Self-improvement. Such things determine what kind of person you are. Now, I will show you how I recognize a true friend and how I differentiate him from people who just pretend to be your amigos. So, the first thing you should pay close attention to is…

#1: Does your friend call you on regular basis?

be a good friend

Since everybody has a mobile phone, the easiest way to show you are interested in somebody is to call him. Even if you don’t have the chance to hang out together every week, at least you can speak for a while on the phone. It is not normal only one of you to call the other. Think about the people who call you the most. People who just want to speak with you for no reason. They might be or might become your best friends.

#2: Do they share your happiness and sorrow?

There is no place for envy between friends. When something makes you really happy, the only normal reaction inherent for your best friend is to feel contented. Moreover, when you feel sad and miserable you need more than ever somebody to comfort you. Do your friends share your emotions? Do they support you? Best friends would do it!

#3: Did you have any money issues in your past?two friends in the toilet

“The lack of money is the root of all evil.” Mark Twain said it and I truly agree with him. In my own words: “You can’t say you really know somebody. Not until the two of you had spent money together for something.”

I had some very unpleasant moments in the past. I thought I knew my “friend”. But unfortunately, she was one of the many people spoiled by money (or their absence). Anyway, I don’t want to share you my own problems. My point is you must have shared good and bad moments together to really understand each other.

#4: What gifts did you receive for your last birthday?

It sounds stupid. But, for me it really matters. I’m capable of spending more than a month on searching for the perfect present for my best friends. I’ve even spent more time on creating it by myself in the past. In the other hand, I won’t spend more than one or two days in searching for a gift for just an ordinary friend. My point is, the more important the person the more time, efforts and money you are willing to spend!

Did my questions help you? I will be glad to hear your own “recipe” for finding who are your best friends!

the only way to have a friend


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