Black And White Photography by W. Eugene Smith

William Eugene Smith was an American photojournalist born in Wichita, Kansas in 1918. He became famous with the amazing photographs he took on the front of World War II. He even got shot in 1945 while photographing battle conditions in Japan. He survived the attack and continued his work in the USA and other parts of the world.

W Eugene Smith in Iwo Jima Japan

Eugene Smith, in Marine Corps garb, studies action in distance during Battle of Iwo Jima, 1945

Almost 30 years later his work brought him back to Japan. In 1972 W. Eugene Smith was almost killed near Tokyo. He was attacked by infuriated employees of the Chisso Company. They tried to stop him publish photographs of the effect of the rare Minamata disease. He survived the attack, but could not continue his work due to an eye injury. The great photographer died six years later in 1978 in Tuscon, Arizona.

Now that you know his intriguing history you are ready to take a look at his amazing photographs!

Eugene Smith Daughter Photo

Smith’s Daughter Creating Art – USA, 1950

paradise garden by eugene smith

“Walk to Paradise Garden” – USA, 1946

Lost Man by W Eugene Smith

Man Lost in a Maze of Railroad Tracks, W. Eugene Smith 1955

Monkey with a cat

Untitled (“A Man of Mercy” photo essay), 1954

Pittsburgh Steel by Eugene Smith

“Untitled” – Pittsburgh Steel, 1955

Charlie Chaplin Clown by Eugene Smith

Actor Charlie Chaplin squirting water into face of policeman in scene from the film “Limelight”, 1952

These were just six of the inspiring black and white photographs by W. Eugene Smith. In my opinion, they are the most creative ones. You might find some other great shots in the post 7 Lessons W. Eugene Smith Has Taught Me About Street Photography or in the collection in Magnum.

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