My Best Infographic So Far: Amazing Facts About St Paul’s Cathedral

Hi there!

I was so proud of my latest infographic that I decided to share it with you! I know there are probably thousands infographics you have seen that are much better than mine. However, you should not judge me too harshly! I’m not a professional graphic designer and I have just learned how to use Photoshop.

Anyway, with no more talking… Let me introduce you “Amazing Facts About St. Paul’s Cathedral” Infographic:

facts about st paul's cathedral in London

Check the full version here: Amazing Facts About St Paul’s Cathedral

This is just a thumbnail of my infographic. It’s just too big and I can’t embed it on this post in full resolution. So, you can check the full HD version on the above link.

I have to admit that the idea of the project I’ve borrowed from my friend Carly Hiller. She wrote an amazing article of 1700+ words about the six most amazing staircases in the UK. One of the staircases is located in St Paul’s Cathedral and is honestly the most amazing stairwell I’ve ever seen with my own eyes!

You can read Carly’s article, if you like the topic. It’s really interesting:

The Stairwell in St Paul's Cathedral

6 Unique Staircases in the UK You Wish You Could Walk Over



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