5 Good Reasons to Pick up a Htichhiker

Have you ever been wondering whether or not to pull over your car when you see “thumbs up“? I can imagine the first picture flashing in your mind in that very moment. I bet it is a serial killer hiding machete under his clothes, ready to kill you once he enters your vehicle. This is something normal. After watching so many movies beginning the same way, everybody is afraid of meeting new people on the road.

hitchhiker on the road

However, you should know most hitchhikers are absolutely normal people just like you and me. They are something more than this. Adventurists. Intriguing. Experienced. Amazing. Instead of finding your death, you may actually meet your future wife, or husband or best friend forever!

Good Reason #1: They are Excellent Narrators!

Imagine them travelling so many times with people they don’t know. I guarantee you most of their trips were absolutely amazing. Talking. Talking. Talking. This is what people usually do while travelling. Different stories told by unique characters. So, you might have the chance of hearing something hilarious from your fellow traveler.

Sexy Hitchhiker

Good Reason #2: You Can Share the Story of Your Life

How often do you get the chance of having an unknown person around you willing to hear about your personal life? Well, since you have been so hospitable no hitchhiker will interrupt you. This is the perfect moment for you to share your problems and happiness with somebody who will listen!

Good Reason #3: Cheer Up

It’s very boring being alone for so many hours on a long trip. Listening to the radio will help for the first few hours, but at some point you will be very bored. The solution: Next time you see a thumb pointing up, pull over and enjoy the company. Plus, this way you reduce significantly the chance of falling asleep on the wheel.

Hitchhiker Batman

Very Good Reason #4: The Environment

Two people in one car is much better than two people in two cars. If you ask me, maybe it’s a good thing the oil price has been raising for the last few years. This way people who used to be careless of the welfare, are now obliged to think about it at some point. As you know, it’s much more expensive to travel now than before. So, do it for the environment and for the money!

The Best Reason #5: Just Help

Some hitchhikers just can’t afford the price of a ticket. If it can happen to them, it can happen to you for sure! Don’t be heartless. As they say “We Make a LIVING by What We Get, But We Make a LIFE by What We Give“. Think about it!

I hope next time you see a hitchhiker you will think about this article first instead of the serial killer!

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