5 Things You Should Never Tell Your Boss

There are so many people who speak and speak and speak without thinking about the consequences of their words. Sometimes, the person you are talking to is really listening! So, if this guy is your boss, better be careful what he is hearing. Certain sentences and phrases are just forbidden! You should never say them, in order to keep your job. Why cutting off your way of successful career?! Instead, read this article and think about the pieces of advice I’m giving you!

Funny Office Timetable

Forbidden Phrase #1: Actually, how exactly should I do this?

Your boss hired an employee who will improve the quality of work in the office. He didn’t hire somebody who doesn’t know how to do his job. I’m not saying you should not ask for help when you need it. Just be careful not to ask for essential things you are supposed to know! This can be very bad for your career!

Forbidden Phrase #2: This is my idea and I want to work on it!

Bad! Very bad! He doesn’t care whose idea it was. The only important thing for every normal employer is growing up. When I say growing up I mean increasing the number of revenues in the company. If there is somebody who is better than you, he should do the job. It doesn’t matter it was your idea! Just think as your boss for a moment. Would you replace your best employee for some job with another one just because it was his idea? No!

Stopped Time at Work

Forbidden Phrase #3: Maybe I will complete the task in time.

Why? Just tell me why would you say it? The word “maybe” is something bad for your career. Remember it! A company is not build with maybes. Even if you are not sure whether or not you will finish your task on time, just say you will when somebody asks you. Then, put yourself together and try to impress everybody by finishing it even earlier than expected. This way your efforts will be noticed and you increase your chances of promotion dramatically!No One Notices Your Work

Forbidden Phrase #4: Dear boss, you should take a look on this 500 sheets of paper document!

Are you serious?! No normal employer will ever do it. His time is precious and if he is a boss, he must know best time is money. Anything bigger than 30 sheets is inappropriate. Try to sum up the most important points of the whole document and present them in the best possible way. They should be easy to read and understand. Make good impression once again instead of being irrational!

So Bored at Work Funny Quote

Forbidden Phrase #5: I forgot to tell you…

First of all, don’t forget important things! Secondly, in case you did, try to cover your mistake as hard as you can. It’s never good to lie, but it’s even worse to lose your job because of your weak memory. Be smart! Bosses love smart employees!

I hope this one was helpful. I will gladly hear your opinion and criticism. Have you heard of even worse sentences on your workplace?

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