Effective Ways to Get Followers on Twitter

More than 50 million people are using Twitter every day. This is not bad! Do you want to develop a strong profile on this network? I bet you do! No matter the reason for asking to get more followers, you must do some certain things in order to succeed. More followers means more shares, more tweets, and popularity in the end. Being famous can help you in many ways including earning money. So, if you are interested, check out my first tip:

Get More Followers on Twitter Tips

1. Choose Wisely Your Profile Photo

Your profile picture is the first thing everybody will see. First impression is really the most important thing in this case. You must have an eye-catching avatar that will definitely distinct you from the surrounding profiles and will make your profile unique and interesting. If you succeed to do that, you have already done half of the work!


2. Eye-catching Bio

Just like your profile picture your bio is one of the things that your possible followers will see. Be original! Try to write something intriguing that will make a lot of people curious about your personality.


3. You Have to Tweet

At least one time per day you have to post a tweet. Of course, it has to be something that people will like and want to share. Your may-be-followers must be constantly reminded that you are there. They should know about you and recognize you when they see your profile picture. Only this way they will eventually follow you, if they like what you show them.


4. Choose Your Hashtags Very Carefully

Hashtags help people find your tweets and profile easier. You definitely need to place them on every tweet. But everybody can see them, so you must be very prudent. Use only appropriate hashtags. Don’t place too much of them. According to me, more than six can be counterproductive. Everything between one and six is OK.

Twitter Best Practices Infographic

5. Follow!

If you want a lot of people to follow you, first you have to follow a lot of people. Don’t do that at random. Choose people with similar interests to your own. They are prone to follow you when you make a move. Add at least 50 different people every day and soon you will have hundreds of followers.  These hundreds may become thousands eventually, if you are resolved to become extremely popular in Twitter.


6. Tweet Interesting Pictures

Tweeting pictures really works great on this social network. Choose some very good quality images and share them with your future followers. I guarantee you success!


7. Don’t be Selfish

Usually, people tweet only things about themselves and don’t share others’ thoughts and experience. Nobody likes egoists and most certainly you will not be followed, if you are not engaged with other people’s profiles. Try to share things that really interest you so that your future followers will see that you are capable of helping them promote their own tweets.


My tips can help you become famous whether or not you are just an ordinary guy or entrepreneur. If you stick to my seven tips, you will notice the vast increase of your brand followers almost immediately. I promise you!


*8. Extra Tip*

You might want to try connecting your Twitter profile with Twiends. This is a very quick way to follow and get followed. For every person you follow from the Twiends website you get “seeds”. When you collect 30 seeds you can “boost your profile”. In other words, other users of the platform will get seeds for following you. Yesterday, I’ve been followed by 100 new people after boosting my profile twice. You don’t have to pay for seeds. There is such an option, but you can just follow people every day to get the currency. This is the best way, if you want quick results!



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2 thoughts on “Effective Ways to Get Followers on Twitter

  1. Nice article, You cover most of the tips one should follow, Though people have become lethargic and thing online creating a Twiiter Account will do it for them. And these policies can also be applied to get a great social appearance on other social accounts as well.

    Wonderful share, Keep Up the good work. 🙂

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