Did You Know These 20 Facts About Your Body?

Everybody has a body…This is the most undeniable fact in the Universe. Today, I asked myself “What do I know about my body?”. The answer – almost nothing. This is strange, but I’m pretty sure you know just as much as I do about your own body. You don’t believe me. OK. Let’s check it out:

Fact #1: 270 km/h This is the average speed of the nerve impulse travelling from your brain to the rest parts of your body. Congratulations! Your body is a real highway.Facts About The Human Body

Fact #2: Brain needs 20% of the total amount of oxygen in your body in order to work with no problems.

Fact #3: While you are sleeping, your brain is even more active. If you think about it, these amazing dreams you have from time to time are all generated by your brain.

Fact #4: More than 75% of your brain is water. This is why it’s so important to drink a lot of water every day.

Fact #5: The diameter of man’s hair is about two times the size of woman’s hair.

Fact #6: This one is interesting! The middle finger’s nail of your right hand is the fastest growing one.

Fact #7: Blonds have more hair than people with black hair or brown hair.

Fact #8: The nails of your fingers grow 400% faster than the nails of your toes.

Fact #9: A single hair from your body can live up to 8 years.

Fact #10: Man’s heart beats slower than woman’s. The reason is very simple. Usually, men are bigger than women and their hearts need more time to pump blood to all the organs.

Fact #11: Your liver is responsible for more than 480 unique functions.

Fact #12: Right lung is bigger than left lung. Your heart just needs more empty space on the left part of your body.

Fact #13: You won’t believe what is the speed of your sneeze….More than 160 km/h Now, you know why you can’t sneeze with your eyes opened.

Interesting Body FactsFact #14: An average woman blinks two times more than an average man does.

Fact #15: Most babies are born blue-eyed.

Fact #16: Usually, men have an erection every hour while sleeping.

Fact #17: Women smell better than men do.

Fact #18: Only identical twins have the same smell.

Fact #19: Human’s eyes never change their size. On the other hand, your ears and your nose grow bigger every year of your life.

Fact #20: There are exactly 206 bones in our bodies.

So, Did You Know These 20 Facts About Your Body? There are probably more amazing facts I haven’t mentioned here. If you know some of them, please share it with


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