The 10 Weirdest Phobias – Some People are Crazy!

We all have fears. It’s something normal, but some people are afraid of things like walking, sitting, gravity, books and even vegetables…I will try to select the most scandalous and ironic ones here and provide a little bit information about these phobias. So, let’s start with something very hard to believe people can be afraid of:

Number 1: Octophobia – I know what you are thinking. But, no! Octophobia is not being afraid of octopus! It’s dreading the number 8…

DIY Octopus From Wiener

Number 2: Panophobia – This is the fear of everything. The panophobic people are afraid constantly when they are awake and probably when they sleep.

Number 3: Phronemophobia – The fear of thinking. It’s hard to believe such a thing is possible, but yet it exists!

Thinking Quote by Henry Ford

Number 4: Scolionophobia – Actually, I like this one. Probably, because I used to have it. Scolionophobia is the fear of going to school.

Number 5: Xanthophobia – Do you like the yellow colour? People who have xanthophobia are scared to death of it. I bet they hate Tweety!

Tweety Funny Quote

Number 6: Geumaphobia – It’s very difficult to understand this phobia (not that the previous were easy). Geumaphobic is somebody who is terrified of taste. I guess such a person doesn’t have a favourite meal or drink because he hates them all. It’s interesting to me whether or not he hates water since it’s probably the only thing having no certain taste…If I meet a geumaphobic one day, I will ask him!

Number 7: Kainophobia – Everything new will scary people with such a phobia. I have many friends who are kind of kainophobics, but can’t tell if they are just too lazy to find a better job for instance.

Lazy People Quote

Number 8: Leukophobia – Being frighten of white colour is the symptom of this phobia. It’s an interesting fact that many people who have had a bad experience with snow are leukophobics. When I say bad experience, I mean being buried under an avalanche. To tell you the truth, I can understand how people can be scared of a colour.

Number 9: Ataxophobia – The fear of disorder and dirty objects. I would love to have a roommate who has this phobia! I know it sounds bad, but just imagine how clean your place will be. Moreover, your roommate will gladly clean your mess instead of you.

You never know what you have until quote

Number 10: Nomatophobia – Can you believe there are people who dread names?! Well, they exist! “He who must not be named”. “You know who”. This is how the nomatophobics in Harry Potter call Lord Voldemort. Just hearing someone’s name, would cause a panic attack, if you have this phobia.

There are many others strange fears, but in my opinion, these ten are the most interesting and unbelievable ones. I will be glad, if you share some other phobias which are even stranger!

Which one of these 10 Phobias do you think is the most absurd one?


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