Get Rid of Your Unwanted Facebook Friends Once and for All!

I bet that you have at least one Facebook friend that you haven’t met in person! If it’s only one guy, I will congratulate you. It’s good to have as much as possible friends in the real life. You can trust them and they will help you at some point. But why do you need people you barely know on Facebook?! Once you have added them, they have a permanent access to all your pictures, info, friends contacts, etc. Moreover, these people may decide to use your personal data or even sell it to third parties!

Facebook Reality

I want to share with you some very good reasons why you should clean your Facebook friends list. Let’s start with something that really annoys me:

  1. You Don’t Know Your “Friends” – If you don’t know me, why did you add me?! Everyday, people are keep sending me friend requests. Initially, it used to be fun to have some good looking people on my friends list even though I hadn’t met them. Eventually, hundreds of applications were asking me whether or not I wanted to play some stupid game. Maybe you don’t know that, but about 20% of the applications your friends are using can actually reach your personal data! Once fallen into the hands of the people behind these applications, your data can be used for many different purposes.People in Facebook
  2. You Barely Remember These People – Whenever you meet somebody , you add them almost immediately. Parties, bars, high school, university, etc. If you really needed all these people, then why haven’t you spoken with them since the day you first met?! Try to ask yourself this question and after that I am sure that you will reduce the number of your unnecessary contacts.Funny Facebook Thoughts
  3. Other People Can Also See Your Data – The friends of your friends can also see a lot of your activities on Facebook. As you know, it’s a small world we are living in. Imagine that your future employer may see your profile. Even if you have blocked some of your personal information for unknown people, he can reach your profile in case you have one or more friends in common. I am sure that you have some photos you don’t want anybody except your friends to see. So, choose wisely when you add new people! Moreover, remove anyone who might cause you such a trouble!
  4. For Some of Them an Accepted Friend Request means something – It is true! I know that for most of us adding a new person is not a big deal. However, it may delusion somebody. Many people may think that you really like them when you accept their request. You have to keep this in mind because there are many stalkers out there! I know people who had some serious troubles caused by such men. Once again, clean your Facebook friends list and make your life easier!

2 thoughts on “Get Rid of Your Unwanted Facebook Friends Once and for All!

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