10 Fun Facts About Women

We are completely different than men. We love other things and don’t understand their attraction to sports and beer. It’s true that women are not easy to understand. The female brain is much more developed and complicated. The first fact will serve as a proof to my words:

Fact #1: The highest ever IQ score (on a standard test) belongs to a woman.  Her name is Marilyn vos Savant from the USA. She scored 228 points….The year was 1956.

The Smartest Person is Marilyn vos Savant

Marilyn vos Savant

Fact #2: 32. This is the average amount of bathroom items belonging to a random woman.

Fact #3: When we ask you “How do I look?” there is only one possible answer we would like to hear. Anything else will upset us! Just answer “YES!”, if you don’t want any problems.

Fact #4: If your girlfriend asks you “Do you think this girl looks good?”, don’t even dare to say something different than NO! We ask such questions because we want to feel better after your response. So, you know the right answer. Even when you really like the other girl, just say “You are much prettier than her!”. Alternatively, answer with “YES” the previous question, if you don’t value your life!

Man Looking a Beautiful Woman

Do You Like This Girl?

Fact #5: In the Italian city of Siena it is forbidden for a woman to be a prostitute in case her name is Mary! I guess there is something to do with Virgin Mary.

Fact #6: According to the Maxim magazine, women talk dirtier in bed than men do.

Fact #7: We are always right. Always! No matter how wrong we can be, we will never apologize! We hate doing it and the last thing you will hear coming out from woman’s mouth are the words “Forgive me!”. If you hear these words, you should be really worried. The woman saying it must have done something really terrible!

Men to the Left Because Women are Right

Women are Always Right

Fact #8: “I’m fine” never means “I’m fine”. Think about something wrong you have done recently. Probably, this is the reason for her bad mood. Try to do something nice immediately and hopefully everything will be OK soon.

Fact #9: We blink about two times more often than man do. I don’t know the scientific reason, but it’s probably because we lie two times more often…

Fact #10: Can you guess how many hours do we spend in front of the mirror each year? The answer is 116 hours(almost 5 days)… This is the main reason why you should answer “Astonishing!” the question in Fact #3.

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