5 Astonishingly Easy DIY Wooden Shelves

I’ve always loved DIY projects and upcycled items. It’s like giving a new life to your long forgotten belongings like old jeans, button collection or even unnecessary timbers. After all, why do we keep such things in the basement or in the garage? I’m not a hoarder, but I don’t like the idea of throwing objects which might serve me once again. You don’t understand what I mean? Take a look at these 5 Extraordinary DIY Wooden Shelve Projects:

#1: The Old Ladder Shelf

DIY wooden ladder shelf for your living room

So easy-to-do, but yet, absolutely outstanding! You will make an impression to all of your guest, if you have such a shelf at you living room!

#2: The Wooden Boxes Shelf

Old wooden palette boxes shelvesOnce again, creativity is more important than money! What I mean is you can not buy such a shelf from any store. You have to do it yourself!

#3: The Leather Straps Wooden Shelf

Leather and wood DIY shelf

It might not be the most stable shelf in the world, but it will definitely make your home look different and unique.

#4: The Wooden Boxes Shelf For Your Bathroom

Reused old wooden boxes for bathroom shelves

Wooden boxes once again! Why not? They surely look fantastic when freshly painted and placed the right way!

#5: The Branches Shelf

DIY shelf from branches

Last but not least comes the Branch-made shelf! Completely simple and amazingly interesting!

These were the 5 Astonishingly Easy DIY Wooden Shelves. I’m sure you have liked at least one of them (the ladder shelf)! I will be very glad, if you share with me some other interesting DIY ideas!

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2 thoughts on “5 Astonishingly Easy DIY Wooden Shelves

  1. I am just like you, I also have lots of things in my stock room that I don’t really want to throw away. I know that I can still use them in the future, now I found another way on how I can recycle them into useful shelves. I love the branches shelf the most.

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