8 Sleeping Positions for Bizarre Cats

If there is one thing cats are good at, it’s sleeping! They do it for more than 15 hours each day. If you once had a cat, you definitely know what I’m talking about. Probably, you have seen your cat sleeping in all kind of strange positions, everywhere in your home. Now, I want to show you eight weird cats who will make your cat jelous. They are the Grand Masters of Sleeping!

Silver cat sleeping on a couch

#8 The Camouflage Dreamer Cat

Cat sleeping with dog

#7 The Brave Heart Cat

Cat sleeping on tits

#6 Lucky…

Cat Sleeping in a BBQ

#5 The Carefree Cat

Cat Sleeping on Top of a Laptop

#4 The IT Cat

Weird Sleeping Position of a Cat

#3 The Censored Kitty

Cat sleeping on top of a scanner

#2 The Copycat 🙂

Sleeping cat hanging

#1 Sleeping Level = Super Pro

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