5 Budget DIY Christmas Decorations

Christmas is knocking on the door, so you have to prepare your home. There is no Christmas spirit without the appropriate decoration! This year, why don’t you save some money and create your own DIY Budget Decoration?

DIY penguins from old electric bulbs

#1 Funny Penguins – You need some old electrical bulbs, paint and rope. Easy and effective DIY project!

Christmas trees made by coloured buttons

#2 The Buttons Christmas Trees – Buy some buttons from your local supermarket. I suggest you combine red, green and white buttons for the Christmas trees and yellow for the star on top of them!

DIY Toilet paper reindeer

#3 The Toilet Paper Rolls Raindeers – I can’t help you with the folding of the toilet paper rolls. You have to use your imagination!

DIY Christmas Door Decoration

#4 The Frosty Door – What a wonderful idea! I have to tell you that my door is already decorated and it makes me smile every time I come in or go out!

DIY Fridge Decoration

#5 The Christmas Fridge – Why not! It’s already white so all you have to do is put some black paper buttons and an orange nose of course!

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