6 Interesting DIY Wine Cork Projects: Part 1

I love wine! Now, I see what amazing things I could have done with the wine corks. Too bad I’ve thrown them all away…Anyway, it’s never too late to start collecting something cool. Why not cork wine? Let me show you these six unique DIY projects I’ve found on the Internet! (by Cristina Jones)

Candlestick for your home from wine cork#1 A Special Place to Put Your Candles In – All you need is: 2 glasses (1 big and 1 smaller), tealight candles and wine corks of course.wine-cork-figures-snow-motives

#2 DIY Christmas Characters – If you have imagination, everything else is easy! Look at these effective, but yet easy-to-do wine corks. You need watercolours, some glue, a brush and maybe some old fabric. The rest is in your head!

DIT Wall Project With Wine Cork

#3 Petit Vases For Your Wall – Glue + knife (to hollow out the cork) + little flowers = The most interesting wall art in the neighbourhood!

wine cork kitchen art for your walls

#4 Amazing Wine Cork Wall – Your kitchen will become the most intriguing place in your home, if you have the patience to “build” this unique cork wall. Honestly, I don’t know how many wine corks you need for the purpose, but I can tell you one thing – I want this wall in my kitchen!

Simple DIY project With Wine Cork

#5 The Easiest DIY Project EVER! – Really, you can’t find an easier DIY project! Yet, it looks very nice and can improve the Christmas spirit in your place immediately!

Wine Cork Earrings

#6 DIY Earrings From Wine Cork – Do you want to have the most interesting earrings? Why don’t you make them by yourself!

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Black And White Photography by Noell S. Oszvald


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