10 Inspiring Street Art Photos

Street art is the one thing I love for sure! Every time when I see such a project, I’m thinking the same thing “I could have thought about that first!”. It’s easy to say it when you have already seen the amazing idea. Anyway, there are some very special people in the world who see things from a different perspective. They are able to create such inspiring urban beauties!

An amazing photo of Gaelle Villedary's Street Art#1 Gaelle Villedary 

Giant ship in the middle of the city#2 Unknown Artist – Berlin, Germany

Raining Colours street art in London#3 Unknown Artist – London

Giant Girl by SMUG - Scotland

#4 SMUG – Scotland

Real Bicycle With Painted Children on It

#5 Penang Street Art

Street Art by David Zinn

#6 David Zinn

NemOs Street Art#7 NemOs Street Art in Italy

Pavel Puhov's Street Art

#8 Pavel Puhov

Evol Farringdon in The United Kingdom - London

#9 Evol Farringdon – London, The United Kingdom

Street Art in France

#10 Clet Abraham – Poitiers, France

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