The 4 Scariest Attractions in the World – Do You Dare?

It’s amazing how we love to feel endangered and we even pay for it! I’m talking about these roller coaster attractions that can make your head explode just watching people going up and down. To tell you the truth, I’m addicted to them! I would go every single day, if I could. So, in case you like these scary things as much as I do, you need to check out my list of the four scariest attractions in the world. Let’s start the fun with number four:

#4 Intimidator – Carowinds (York, USA)
With top speed of 121 km/h and height of 70 m this roller coaster is something you should not miss! Unfortunately, I haven’t been there, so I can’t tell you at firsthand how it is. However, I have seen just enough videos of it and have read multiple comments telling sad stories of lost phones. So, remove all important objects from yourself when the time comes. It will be 100% fun!

#3 Catapult – St. Petersburg Amusement Park (Russia)
I have always been afraid of this attraction. Usually, it’s not getting you higher than 25 m. There, the height is 40 m…. What else do you need? In addition, you will get a killer view of the outskirts of St. Petersburg. I have to admit it. I won’t try it, even if a crazy Russian billionaire pays me £1 million! What about you?

#2 Kingda Ka – Six Flags (New Jersey, USA)
Its 139 m tall!!! The tallest roller coaster in the world! It’s the second fastest roller coaster with max speed of 206 km/h. It’s definitely not recommended for the faint of heart! Last month, my friend Alice took a week off from her boring job as a cleaner in London and went to the USA. Well, she showed me some videos from the front seats of Kingda Ka and I can tell you its mind blowing! Do you dare?

#1 X2 – Six Flags (Los Angeles, USA)
It’s crazy. It’s innovative. It’s unique. It’s all these things X2!!! Six Flags invested more than $10 million to provide the thrill of your life! The maximum speed of this 21st century roller coaster is 122 km/h. The action includes some special effects like audio and sensory effects plus rotating seats…I can proudly say “I have tried it and I survived!”. It was one of the hardest decisions in my life though! You will never forget this experience, if you dare to try it. I promise you!

I will be very glad, if you can help me extend this short list with more amazing, thrilling and unforgettable attractions like these four. What’s your favourite one and exactly how dangerous is it?


2 thoughts on “The 4 Scariest Attractions in the World – Do You Dare?

  1. Is there such a thing as a scary attraction? Not for me there isn’t. Even if someone tells me this ride is scary as hell. That kind of talk will motivate me even more to try it out.

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