9 Unique DIY Wine Cork Projects

First of all, I know you can’t just buy hundreds of wine corks from the local supermarket at your neighbourhood. You can order from the Internet, but it’s not the best option since 100 wine corks cost £9,72. Your best option is asking your family and friends to help you collect the amount you need. And you will need a lot of corks in order to DIY some of these amazing projects:

Wine Cork Chair#1: Wine Cork Chair – constructed by Aaron Kramer at the Craft and Folk Art Museum in Los Angeles

Wine Cork Chandelier#2: Chandelier –  It’s so easy and cheap to do it. But, your entire home will look different with it!

Wine Cork Staircase

#3: Staircase – Definitely, the most amazing staircase in your neighbourhood!

DIY Wine Cork Table

#4: DIY Table – You need an old vat of wine and less than 200 wine corks

Wine Cork Mat

#5: Bathroom Cork Mat – Another original idea for your place

Xmas Tree Made from Wine Corks

#6: Christmas Cork Tree – The summer is almost gone now. So, believe it or not, there are only 3 months left until Christmas!  Do you want something different this year?

DIY Wine Cork Heart

#7: Cork Heart – You need about 100 wine corks to realize this idea. The perfect gift for your soulmate!

Wine Cork Knitted Strikers

#8: Cork Knitted Strikers – Create your own syndicate!

Cork Plant Label Tags#9: Cork Label Tags – Perfect for the plants in your garden

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