How to Care For a Pregnant Cat

Well, well, your cat is pregnant and you don’t know what to do! If you are reading this, I am pretty sure you are going to find the answers, you have been looking for. A pregnant cat in the family is a little bit similar to having a pregnant woman at home. Both of them require a lot of attention and patience. The aim of my article is to help you understand your cat’s pregnancy. I will try to provide you the sufficient information you need to know, in terms you want your cat to feel comfy.

I'm Pregnant

How long do you have to wait for the babies? – The answer is up to 70 days. It depends on the cat, but normally, it should take around 63 or 64 days.

What about morning sickness? – Cats may experience morning sickness around the third week of pregnancy. They may vomit, as well.

pregnant cat mum

Which special cat’s needs should I satisfy? – Your main obligation is to supply good quality food for the future mother. She has to ingest a lot of calcium and protein. Those elements are important for its health. You can find them in meat of all kinds and milk products. You must not overfeed your pet. Overfeeding may cause some unwanted complications for your pregnant cat. You must consult a veterinarian for every possible problem your cat may have. Do it at least once in the beginning of the pregnancy to check your cat’s health status.

Possible problems? – According to the owner of a cat sitting company in London, it’s a really bad sign, if your cat hasn’t eaten anything for more than a day. Another thing that should worry you is increased temperature. It may be caused by some kind of infection. Apathy and depression are other things that are not normal. For any of these problems, you should inform your veterinarian.

Can I give medications to my cat? – No! At least, not until you speak with a veterinarian. Some medications may harm the babies or their mother.

Newborn Kitten

May I handle the newborns? – Don’t do it! Wait at least three days to pass before you handle them. Otherwise, you risk the health of the kittens. Some cat mothers would kill and after that eat their babies, if they feel a threat for them. This is not a joke! I know that babies are always cute, but you have to resist.

You might have other questions that I haven’t answered to, but for them you may want to ask a professional. I didn’t explain you how to recognize a pregnant cat, but that’s another topic. Probably, I will write another article based on that very topic. I hope you have found my current article helpful and interesting!


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