Little Known Facts About Cleaning

Household Dust

You can find a lot of articles about cleaning tips and why you should clean your ears for instance. How about something different? I will offer you a list of some little know facts about cleaning. Most of us don’t know them, but we should, since cleaning is something we do so often (at least we are supposed to). I am pretty sure you are going to be very surprised about some of the facts. Let’s not waste any more valuable time. The first fact is…

#1 100 calories are burnt, if you clean your home for an hour.

#2 This one is very interesting! More than 65% of dust particles are flakes from your dead skin.

#3 We spend more than 85% of our lives indoors. This is why we should clean more frequently every place where we stay.Bathroom From Hell

#4 The favourite place to clean for most of the people around the world is the bathroom. I don’t know why, but probably because the effect of cleaning it can be easily noticed. It is always good to see the consequences of your hard work. To tell you the truth, my favourite place to clean is the bathroom, too. Sometimes, statistics are correct!

#5 Ketchup can be used as a natural way to return the shine of some metal parts in your kitchen or bathroom. You can also use tomato juice. This method is completely “green” and no toxic chemicals will have contact with the skin of the one who is cleaning the bathroom.

#6 You can find more germs in your sink than in your toilet. So, next time when you drop something out of your hand, think about this fact before you put it in your mouth.Corian Bathroom

#7 Around 62% of all diseases in the UK are due to improper handling of food. You should wash your hands before and after you touch food with them. Knives and wooden cutting boards are also a very good place for a bacteria to spread itself. Using warm water increases the chance of killing bacteria.

#8 Most of us spray a surface with a detergent and right after that wipe it away. This is wrong! You should leave the antibacterial cleaner for at least 40 seconds before you wipe the dirty surface. It takes this time for the chemicals to kill all kind of bacteria living on the object you want to clean.

After reading this, I hope you are going to be more motivated to clean your home. I know that this is the last thing you want to do after you return home from work, but there are other ways to do it. You can always use professional help. I definitely recommend you the cleaners in Battersea. They work really fast and won’t charge you a lot of money at all. Anyway, I hope my article was interesting to you! Thank you for reading it!


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