3 Healthy Human Foods Your Cat Can Eat

ImageI want to save money and I want to make my cat eat all the food I am offering to it. There are so many poor people living on our planet and I find it a little bit foolish to give your pet food, that many of them can’t afford to buy. I know that it’s hard to reject your favourite animal something, but Think about my word for a while. Some cat food can cost more than human food. Is it normal?! I don’t think so! Let me show you some cheap, but still healthy meals you can prepare to your cat. Let’s start with…

1. VegetablesImage

Cats need meat! They love it and there is a reason for that. We humans are omnivores, but cats are carnivores. Every cat needs to eat a certain amount of meat every day. However, you can still enrich their meal with some well chosen vegetables. Such vegetables as carrots, green beans and broccoli, are also healthy for your cat, if prepared well. Carrots have to be baked or boiled a little bit. Green beans and broccoli must be steamed, before you give them to your pet. You may want to feed your cat with vegetables, especially if it has raised its weight. Diet including vegetables has the same effect on animals as on people.

2. CheeseImage

Cheese and other milk product are rich in proteins. This element is crucial for the health of your feline. You have to be careful with the amount of cheese you are giving to you cat, because when fully grown up, most of the cats become lactose intolerant. Too much milk products can cause diarrhea, something you definitely don’t want. You may try giving your own cat small amounts of cheese or sour cream. If it reacts in a bad way, don’t repeat! Some people often hide a medicine their cats need to swallow into yoghurt or cheese. My mother actually tried this method with me when I was little. It worked!

3. Cat’s Favourite – FishCat With Goldfish

I’ve been wondering why cats love fish so much, since they don’t like water at all. You can’t catch fish, if you don’t get into the water, right? Anyway, fish contains Vitamin D which is very important for your pet’s health. Warning! Too much fish may deplete your cat’s supply of Vitamin E. It’s a good idea to combine some vegetables with fish. That will improve your cat’s health condition.

Vegetables are cheap! Cheese and fish are also not that expensive. Your cat will forget about all cat food you have been giving to it, since you have taken it at home. I hope you enjoyed my article!


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