10 Things to Do in Sofia

The Monument to the Soviet Army(The Monument to the Soviet Army in Sofia – Bulgaria)

Everybody wants to visit Paris, Rome, Barcelona or London. I don’t know about you, but I’m really tired of all these perfectly organized cities. Even if you are not from there, you can find whatever you need, whenever you want. Everything there is so clean and there is almost nothing to put in order. Boring! Imagine a city that you know nothing about. A completely new world where nothing looks like anything you are accustomed to. There you can buy “banitza“, if you are hungry and you are not afraid of trying something new. You can also drink the local best-selling drink “boza“. The city I’m talking about is the capital of Bulgaria. Its beautiful name is Sofia. I will offer you a short list of the ten things you must definitely do when you go there:

1. Museum of Socialist Art
As a former communist country, Bulgaria still keeps alive the spirit of its socialist past. The Museum of Socialist art offers to its visitors a big amount of bronze statues of former socialist leaders. Most of them are gathered together in a beautiful outdoor garden. There are only few places in the world where you can see such a thing.

Social Art Museum Sofia
2. Saint Nikolas Russian Church
It’s located in the heart of Sofia. A hundred years ago, the Russians built this church. Its exterior parts are a piece of art. Its domes are made out of gold and the facade is unique with its wide variety of colours.

Russian Church St. Nicholas
3. The Snail-House
Ten years were needed for the construction of this exclusive five-story building. Its form, as you could guess, represents a huge colourful snail. It was prized “the strangest building in the world” in 2009. Despite its strange form, the Snail-House is about eight times more energy efficient than the surrounding buildings.

The Snail House in Sofia
4. Sofia’s Zoo
It’s the oldest and the largest zoo in Bulgaria. More than 1200 animals from 245 different species live there. The visitors can see some very interesting animals like Norman, the hippo, or George, the elephant. If you plan on going to the Zoo, make sure you have at least three free hours.

5. Earth and Man National Museum
The museum offers to its visitors one of the biggest mineral collections in the world. It covers about 50% of all known natural occurring minerals of our planet. You should definitely go there, if you like minerals. If you don’t, you better take a taxi and take a walk in downtown Sofia. There you can find a lot of remarkable places to go.

Man and Earth Museum
To tell you the truth, I have never been to Sofia. It was my friend Tom who has told me everything about the city. A Few months ago, he had four days off from work. He wanted to go to a new place he could afford. When he returned from Sofia, he looked so happy. He showed me some amazing pictures and I promised him that next year we are going there together.

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