6 Ways to Impress Her Mother

Mother and Daughter

Every girl has a special bond with her mother. They share almost everything. All daughters ask for an advice from their mother when a difficult situation occurs. They know  that their mother is the one person in the world who will always support and love them no matter what. This is the reason you should “win” your girlfriend’s mother on your side. Accomplishing this task will make your life much easier in the future, if you are planning to be with your girlfriend then. Your girlfriend’s father is also important, but her mother is the key to your success. So, the first way to impress her mother is…

1. Pay Close Attention to What She’s SayingCommunication is Important
The best thing you can do is to actually listen to what she wants to share with you. Everyone loves others to listen with interest what he/she is saying. This shows that your thoughts are important to the people who are listening to you carefully. So, it’s a very good way to make a good impression, if you make her mother feels better.


2. Be The Man Who You Really Are
Nobody likes people who are pretending to be better than they really are. It may not be noticed the very first time when you meet, but your girlfriend’s mother will definitely sense, if you are “fake” with her. Your best option is to be yourself. Your girl likes you and her mother will, if she gets the chance to get to know you.

Paula Deen3. Compliment Her
Tell her how much you like her cooking. Every single mother on the Earth loves to hear it. Even if you don’t like that much her meet balls for instance, it’s allowed to lie only this time. After saying it, you are one step closer to your final goal.


4. Remember Her Birthday
It’s an excellent idea to call and congratulate your girlfriend’s mum for her birthday. In this very special day she will certainly note and remember your kind gesture. You will bear the fruits of your labour very soon after that.

5. Grooming is Very ImportantGrooming-Tips
Put nice clothes. Shave your beard. Get a proper haircut. The best you can do is to ask you girlfriend what to wear. This way the risk to fizzle out is greatly reduced.

6. Help Her
Help her to set up the table. Clean the dishes after you are all set with the dinner. Try to be helpful in general. Show her that you are a good person and you deserve to be trusted.

A friend of mine tried to lie his girlfriend’s mother about his job. He pretended to be a lawyer. After a while, his lie was exposed. Although he really loves his girlfriend, her mother can never trust him since then. It’s a pity he didn’t know my six simple tips back then. I hope they will be helpful to you!


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