17 Interesting Facts About Cats

Facts About CatsHave you heart about Astrocat? As you may guess, this was the first cat sent into outer space. If you are asking yourself, whether or not she returned alive on Earth, the answer is…Yes, she did! You will find more intriguing fact about cats on the list below:1. Cats spend 66% of their life sleeping.
2. A Cat’s hairball is also known as “bezoar”.3. Dogs can make about ten different sounds. On the other hand, cats can make more than 90 different sounds.

4. More than 400 million domestic cats are registered around the world. There are 41 recognized breeds.

5. The Spanish Inquisition burned thousand of cats in 15th century. They believed cats were evil. As a proof of the phrase “what goes around comes around”, rat populations increased dramatically and boosted the spread of “The Black Death”. Pope Innocent VIII made one of the worst decisions in his career and caused the death of thousands of people.

cat enormous

6. Cats can run at 50 km/h for about two minutes.

7. There are at least two reasons for a cat to rub against a human. Devotion is one of them. The other reason can be marking territory. Every cat has some special scent glands located on its face. By rubbing its head against objects or subjects, a cat shows to its potential enemies the exact boundaries of the “kingdom”.

8. On average, a cat gives birth to four or five kittens. The world’s record holds a cat that gave birth to 19 kittens. 15 of them survived.
9. The largest wildcat is the Siberian tiger. It may weight more than 300 kg and may grow up to 3,5 m.

10. In most countries around the world, a black cat is a sign of bad luck. However, in Australia and the UK black cats are believed to bring luck to the one that spots them.

11. The Turkish Van cat loves to swim. Unlike other cats’ coats, its coat is water-proof.

12. Little Nicky was the most expensive cat in history. Its owner had to pay more than £32 000 for it. He did it because he actually cloned his old cat.

13. You will hardly hear a cat meowing at another cat.


14. 33% of cat owners around the world think their cat can read their minds.

15. The oldest cat has lived for about 38 years. Normally, a cat should live no more than 20 years.

16. The heart of a cat beats twice as fast as a human’s heart (up to 140 beats per minute).

17. According to http://en.wikipedia.org, cats spend about 30% of their waking hours cleaning their fur.

I hope you have found some interesting information here. Thank you for reading my article!


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