10 Reasons You Should Get a Dog

Tibetian MastiffHave you ever felt the warm “kiss” from a dog? Despite the smelly part of it, it’s something that melts your heart and makes you feel great. There are many explanations and theories about dog’s licking. All of them agree to one thing. Dogs lick you because they admire you and feel good in your presence.  I don’t want to say you need a dog to lick your face. The only thing I’m trying to explain you is that having a dog makes you feel better. It’s always good to be loved and to love. Let me show you my Top 10 Reasons You Should Get a Dog:

1. Health – Whether or not you want to get out every day, your dog will find a way to convince you to do it. Eventually, you will enjoy these long walks and in no time your body will feel better than before.

2. Having a Dog is Better Than Facebook – You will probably meet many new people every day. They will ask you questions about your puppy and soon everybody in the neighbourhood will know your name.

Golden Retriever Dogs

3. Forget Your Problems – Taking care for your dog’s needs will help you forget your own can of worms for a moment. This will help you relax and cope with your problems with new strength.

4. Save Money – Having a dog costs money, but during winter time, your pet can help you reduce your heating bills. Even little puppies radiate a lot of heat. Take one of them, put it on your chest and feel the warm. Most of the times it goes all the way to your heart.

5. Health Again – Dogs lower your blood pressure by reducing stress. Sometimes, therapists use dogs at hospitals to achieve their patients’ improvement.

6. Security – Dogs can sense someone approaching much before you do. They will alert you somehow and you will be ready to “greet” any would-be robbers.
Beautiful Dogs
 7. The Best Listener – A dog will never argue with you. It will listen to you, no matter what you are talking about. In time, you will start feeling he/she can actually understand you.

8. Never Feel Lonely Again – There are times when you stay at home for days. You don’t want to talk and see anybody. Here comes your favourite pet! He/she will be with you whether you want or not.

9. Now it’s Easy to Have a Dog – It used to be hard having a dog before. When you had to leave your home for a couple of days, nobody was there for your dog and it has felt lonely and miserable. Now there are services like dog walking that can be helpful. You can leave your dog in professional hands and it won’t feel bad again.

10. Love – No matter what, your dog will always love you. It’s this simple! Your dog will always remain your best friend, even if you treat him bad. You can really trust its love without having any doubts!

If you have read my whole article, the next time your child asks for a puppy, you will have hard times rejecting.


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