How Your Dirty Money Can Get Clean

I don’t want to teach you how to do the process known as “money laundering”. My only task is to show you a way to literally clean your dirty paper money or coins. Dirty money are not bad only because of their bad appearance. You should clean them because they contain a lot of microorganisms on their surface. Every time, when you touch them you risk to get sick, if you don’t clean your hands very frequently. Another good reason to clean your money is when you are collecting them and you want to keep them in a good condition. This can even raise their price, if you want to sell your collection at some point. Anyway, let’s start with…


1. How to Clean Paper Money

        $  You need warm water and some kind of a detergent to put in it. Mix the water and the detergent with a spoon.

        $  When you are ready with your mixture the next thing you need is to find a flat, clean and dry surface. Take a piece of cotton and dip it a little bit in the mixture. After that, start brushing your paper money from the middle of it. Be careful not to damage the edges since they are the most vulnerable part of your bill. It is a good idea to use circular movements of your hand in order to clean easier the dirty particles stuck on your paper money.

        $  Turn your bill and start cleaning the other part of it. If your soapy water is already dark and dirty, throw it away and prepare once again the same mixture. Use another piece of cotton when necessary.

        $  You can use a sheet of toilet paper or cotton again to make sure your bill is dry. Leave it on a ventilated place for a while, but don’t forget to put something heavy on top of it. You don’t want your £50 bill to fly away, don’t you?

        $  It’s a great idea to place your already dry money between the sheets of a book. Leave it there for a while so it can become really flat. Never use an iron because it may harm your valuable piece of paper.

You are all set! This technique works with most of the paper money around the world. However, there are some countries that use a different type of money. Romania for instance uses an interesting type of plastic money called “Bani”. It’s almost impossible to cut them and you can wash them even in your washing machine without any problem.

Coin Cleaning

2. How to Clean Coins

        $  Prepare again the soapy mixture in a bowl. Use only warm water because cold water can’t cope with with the filthy spots so efficiently.

        $  Place there all your dirty coins and start rubbing them one by one directly with your fingers. You can use some latex gloves, if you want. In a case you don’t use such gloves, make sure you have washed well your hands after the whole cleaning procedure. I am sure you don’t want any microbes underneath your nails.

        $  When you are ready and all your coins are clean remove all of them from the bowl and place them on a dry white towel. Leave them for a while so they can dry.

You are ready! Put your coins back to your collection and feel proud of the way it shines!


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