The Secret of Making Your Home Smell Nice

Nice Home

You don’t like the way your home smells and you want to change this fact. You have been to many places where everything smells like freshly cut grass and spring flowers. It’s not that hard to transform the odor of your home into a nice welcoming smell. There are a few things you need to do, in order to accomplish this goal. I can promise you that after taking the necessary actions everyone in the neighbourhood will come to visit your place unexpectedly. The first thing you have to do is…

Quit Smoking

1. Quit Smoking Cigarettes

I think there is no need to remind you about the side effects of smoking on your health. However, you should think about the fact that the smoke coming from your cigarettes smells really bad. No matter how hard you try to remove this terrible smell, the only effective way to do is to quit smoking. You probably can’t sense how disgusting this smell really is, but anybody who enters your home will definitely sense it. When you are ready with this first important step, you can proceed with….

Dog Having a Bath

2. Taking Care of Your Pets’ Hygiene

Cats, dogs, they all can be the reason for the odor in your home. Bath your pets occasionally with a special shampoo for pets that will cause no harm to them. You should also wash in the washing machine your pet’s favourite toys, especially if they are stuffed animals. Just be sure you have read the instructions on the label. If your pet is peeing everywhere around your home, you can try to remove the nasty smell by yourself. Baking soda is a natural neutralizer of odors. You can sprinkle some soda over the wet spot on your sofa or carpet. Wait for five minutes and after that absorb the liquid with a towel. Another option you have is to use dry cleaning.

Lavender Flower

3. Buy Fragrant Flowers

Oregano, lavender, jasmine, mint, gardenias, honeysuckle, geranium, etc. They can all make your home smell better. You should definitely buy some of those plants and place them in every possible room. Not only your home will smell better, but it will look astonishing! Another great thing you can do is to make your own spices. Isn’t it great to pick off a leaf of your home-grown mint and use it for a refreshing mojito cocktail? You can also add a subtle flavor to each salad or soup when you put in it a leaf of basil for instance.

Scented Candles

4. Place Scented Candles 

Scented candles are not expensive at all. You can find them almost everywhere and you have the option to choose from so many different types of aromas. Vanilla, orange, strawberry, cinnamon, honey, almond, are just the most common ones. Another great thing is that they will make your entire home smell better, even if they are not lit. Still, it’s a good idea to light them from time to time since the scent is stronger this way.

When you have done everything I advise you here, every time when you open the front door of your home a wave of fresh aromas will overwhelm you. Your friends will knock constantly on your door to visit you. Your neighbours will ask you for salt and sugar every time when they see you. So, prepare yourself for this and buy salt and sugar from your local supermarket! I hope your home will become a better place after you have already read this!


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