My Best Infographic So Far: Amazing Facts About St Paul’s Cathedral

Hi there!

I was so proud of my latest infographic that I decided to share it with you! I know there are probably thousands infographics you have seen that are much better than mine. However, you should not judge me too harshly! I’m not a professional graphic designer and I have just learned how to use Photoshop.

Anyway, with no more talking… Let me introduce you “Amazing Facts About St. Paul’s Cathedral” Infographic:

facts about st paul's cathedral in London

Check the full version here: Amazing Facts About St Paul’s Cathedral

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5 Good Reasons to Pick up a Htichhiker

Have you ever been wondering whether or not to pull over your car when you see “thumbs up“? I can imagine the first picture flashing in your mind in that very moment. I bet it is a serial killer hiding machete under his clothes, ready to kill you once he enters your vehicle. This is something normal. After watching so many movies beginning the same way, everybody is afraid of meeting new people on the road.

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5 Things You Should Never Tell Your Boss

There are so many people who speak and speak and speak without thinking about the consequences of their words. Sometimes, the person you are talking to is really listening! So, if this guy is your boss, better be careful what he is hearing. Certain sentences and phrases are just forbidden! You should never say them, in order to keep your job. Why cutting off your way of successful career?! Instead, read this article and think about the pieces of advice I’m giving you!

Funny Office Timetable

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