5 Good Reasons to Pick up a Htichhiker

Have you ever been wondering whether or not to pull over your car when you see “thumbs up“? I can imagine the first picture flashing in your mind in that very moment. I bet it is a serial killer hiding machete under his clothes, ready to kill you once he enters your vehicle. This is something normal. After watching so many movies beginning the same way, everybody is afraid of meeting new people on the road.

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5 Things You Should Never Tell Your Boss

There are so many people who speak and speak and speak without thinking about the consequences of their words. Sometimes, the person you are talking to is really listening! So, if this guy is your boss, better be careful what he is hearing. Certain sentences and phrases are just forbidden! You should never say them, in order to keep your job. Why cutting off your way of successful career?! Instead, read this article and think about the pieces of advice I’m giving you!

Funny Office Timetable

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Effective Ways to Get Followers on Twitter

More than 50 million people are using Twitter every day. This is not bad! Do you want to develop a strong profile on this network? I bet you do! No matter the reason for asking to get more followers, you must do some certain things in order to succeed. More followers means more shares, more tweets, and popularity in the end. Being famous can help you in many ways including earning money. So, if you are interested, check out my first tip:

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The 10 Weirdest Phobias – Some People are Crazy!

We all have fears. It’s something normal, but some people are afraid of things like walking, sitting, gravity, books and even vegetables…I will try to select the most scandalous and ironic ones here and provide a little bit information about these phobias. So, let’s start with something very hard to believe people can be afraid of:

Number 1: Octophobia - I know what you are thinking. But, no! Octophobia is not being afraid of octopus! It’s dreading the number 8…

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Here’s an Easy Way to Find Followers on Google+

Google+ is a relatively new social network, but it is growing extremely fast. It’s expected that G+ will reach the influence of Facebook soon. This will not happen in one or two years, but every single day the network is getting bigger and stronger. For this reason you should consider expanding your presence there. Many companies are using their social profiles to focus the attention of the audience over their company website or blog. If this is your purpose and you want to get more followers, try these simple steps that will lead you to the path of the success:

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Get Rid of Your Unwanted Facebook Friends Once and for All!

I bet that you have at least one Facebook friend that you haven’t met in person! If it’s only one guy, I will congratulate you. It’s good to have as much as possible friends in the real life. You can trust them and they will help you at some point. But why do you need people you barely know on Facebook?! Once you have added them, they have a permanent access to all your pictures, info, friends contacts, etc. Moreover, these people may decide to use your personal data or even sell it to third parties!

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